Hello. My name is Valentyn.

And I am a professional photographer. Dealing with photography for a pretty long time. Of course at first it was a hobby, but now it turned into my business, an interesting business that I love.

I do all kinds of business, starting with wedding shooting, personal portfolios, family and children pictures, postcards creation. Also, I’m pretty handy with classic ways of shooting, for example landscape shooting.

Wedding shooting and picturing is one of the most difficult and at the same time interesting and versatile ways of a photographer’s creativity. This kind of work includes elements of a photo spread (photo reportage) and a production photo shooting, photo portraying and kind of an advertising shooting.

With the help of the most advanced equipment from Canon, using my knowledge, experience and creativity, I can capture and preserve the most joyful, the brightest and the happiest moments of your and your relative’s lives. Production shooting and photo spread of all stages of your wedding, making a video out of photo stills and adding it to a DVD disc, applying different digital effects and methods in post production – help me to make your Wedding Video unforgettable.

Truly Yours, Photographer – Valentyn Semenov.